Mooring Lines



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Mooring Lines

Hot Boat Ropes Premium Mooring Lines come in 16 different colors to match any color scheme and several different lengths to accommodate each boaters needs. Our 7/16" diameter polypropylene line will last for years in any environment. Float Lines are a great aid when it comes time to mooring your boat.

Each Mooring Line, also known as a "Special" have a Stainless Steel Snap sewn to the line at each end with a float on the line between the snaps. This allows you to have one end of the line under the water attached to your anchor or mooring and the other end ready to attach to your bow eye.


Red Float lineSnaps and Blue/White FloatBlue Float

We Can Make Any Length You Need - We send Color Samples Upon Request!

Float Lines are Available in the following lengths: 4, 6, & 10 foot lengths.

7/16" Colors to Choose From: Black, Burgundy, Green, Lime, Mauve, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Pacific Blue, Red, Silver, Tan/Gold, Teal, Turquoise & Yellow

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We do appreciate every customer that invests in our Quality lines. We have been making a quality product for many years and have come to appreciate a group of customers that are easy to work with and prefer Quality over price, that is Awsome!